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errormessage: Could Not Find Reference - KDVI You have asked KDVI to locate the place in the DVI file which corresponds to line 7 in the TeX-file /home/..... . It seems, however, that the DVI file does not contain the necessary source file information. We refer to the manual of KDVI for a detailed explanation on how to include this information. Press the F1 key to open the manual.

Forward Search and Inverse Search in KDVI not working

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2007-05-15 - [ge]

I recently started using Kile on my Ubuntu workstation (first Ubuntu Edgy then Ubuntu Feisty). What really annoyed me was the error message KDVI gave me everytime it hit the QuickView button / hotkey. It looked like this:

After some longer searching on the internet, I finally found this forum
where in the last post the solution was described. Since it took me some time to find it, I decided to write this webpage, including the error message to make it easier for others to solve this.

How to fix it

This worked for me using Ubuntu Feisty.
  1. Open Kile. Go to Setting -> Configure Kile...
  2. Tools -> Build -> Select a tool: -> LaTeX
  3. Insert into "Options:", right at the beginning: "--src-specials "
  4. click "OK"

The post suggested to change settings of the tool "ViewDVI" as well, but I don't think it's necessary:
  1. Open Kile. Go to Setting -> Configure Kile...
  2. Tools -> Build -> Select a tool: -> ViewDVI
  3. Go to "Advanced" and change the type to "Run Embedded in Kile"
  4. click "OK"
If the Inverse Search (clicking on text in KDVI and jumping to the same position in your source) does not work, open/switch to KDVI
and go to
"Settings" -> "Configure KDVI..." -> "DVI Specials"
and change the Editor to "Kile".


Please let me know if there's something missing on this page or if you found this helpful. :)
My e-mail address is
"g e -kdvi(at)" (please remove spaces and replace the "(at)" by "@" before sending)


Delivery-date: Sat, 10 Nov 2007
From: Pavel Z <... .ru>
To: ge-kdvi
Subject: Inverse Search in KDVI

Dear Sir,

Your advise how to enable inverse search in KDVI is helpful and it works
in Fedora Core 6 as well.
Thank you very much!

Pavel Z[...]